Uruguay insights

Where is Uruguay?

Free Uruguay in Pictures guide
From the highly recommended free Uruguay in Pictures guide


Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country


Country File – Uruguay
Banking and money
Emergency and medical services
see other links on that site as well)


Montevideo interactive bus/walking guide/map
• Uruguay bus guide: Urubus
Montevideo cruise port
Via Condé Nast
Montevideo cultural dining
Montevideo contemporary art
36 hours in MVD (NYT)
Guru’Guay blog
Montevideo open-air markets
Ask Annette

Expats (English speaking)

UY expats FaceSpook group
• and another UY expats Spacebook group
UY Expats GoogleCIA+


Uruguay’s Quiet Democratic Miracle
Cold houses a tradition
Video: UY in 1949

Tropical? (no)

Weather, climate, geography
• Yes, tends to be windy at times: check wind


Country of pure water?
Maldonado: tap water undrinkable
Our tap water one morning
ANCAP’s daily “gift” to Montevideo

Uruguay loves Monsanto's poisons

Cheap? (noyes)

UYU exchange rates
Gas/petrol (nafta) price (1 US gallon = ~3.8 liters)
Cost of living — take with a grain of salt.
Anything with a motor or electronics is 60 – 100+%
more expensive in Uruguay than the United States.

Moving here

Moving to UY? Bring this, not that… From 2011, but still accurate

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