We were recently the recipients of a couple of bottles of excellent Swiss white wine (thanks Syd and Gundy!), a Humagne Blanche (fascinating: according to Wikipedia, “the total Swiss plantations of the variety in 2009 stood at 30 hectares (74 acres).” And a bottle of Aigle les Murailles. Both excellent, and mostly unknown outside of Switzerland. These bottles had corks. I generally do not rue the transition to screw tops for wine, though I admit I don’t completely understand the ecological implications. So, translate to Uruguay (and notice…Continue Reading “Opening the wine”

I had to go the doctor to get a piece of paper documenting the dog bite on my leg, sustained when three loose dogs tried to attack Benji, who was on a leash. The paper adds weight to my denuncia filed at the local police station. The bite was superficial, and from my dog (again), but I didn’t share that detail. Not important. Those dogs should not be loose. The doctor was concerned about my blood pressure, and took his time so that he could measure…Continue Reading “The wine prescription”

Well, of course I had to try it. And—? Since I’m not a wine reviewer, I’ll defer to the experts: Wicked and extra-ripe. Whispers of fruit punch, acidic monster melon and aggressive lemon rind. Drink now through April. Actually pleasant enough to drink, despite visual whispers of this  or this.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that Blue contains artificial coloring. But I was surprised to learn it comprises only 10%. Aunque el 90% del color se obtiene de forma natural, se añadió un 10% de colorante,…Continue Reading “Something new, something”

Guest post by Syd Blackwell Ruta 12 carves an up-and-down path through the hills of Maldonado, northwest of the resort area of Punta del Este. It is a most beautiful road for a scenic drive. Just four kilometers south of the tiny village of Pueblo Edén, high on one of those hills, is Viña Edén, a winery. The owner is Brazilian, and a passionate oenophile. The property is huge, but a mere seven hectares are devoted to grapes. The rest has been, and will continue to…Continue Reading “Beautiful new winery”

Ah, America: the visual jingoism of omnipresent flapping flags. Shiny cars, beseeching churches; smooth roads and ads for shiny vehicles, tank-like or claustrophobic: sometimes both. My people: fun to help, make laugh, cheer along. That I can do so easily, waitress or Walmart Greeter. Casually conversational, easygoing, but so must I bear the oppressive banality of overheard conversations. And not indulge intellect, perception, nor reveal observation, awareness. My son says they’re stupid: given two days, I cannot disagree. Triscuits, flavor rosemary and olive oil; cheese a combo: monterrey…Continue Reading “Ah, America”