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Did I mention the wind?

The squall-like wind did not last long the other day, but it came from every direction, which is why I so thoroughly sealed the stairway windows.

tree down from storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

In Atlántida, a rather majestic tree was uprooted, taking part of the sidewalk with it. I don’t think winching it back into place is an option. Too bad.

Tree downed by storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

A few meters away, the roots of another tree that fell the same direction, but was cut up to clear the street.

Tree down from storm, Atlántida, Uruguay

On a less-traveled street, a red rag warns passersby of a downed cable.

A little windy

As in 2012, we’ve had some pretty serious wind the last couple days.

wind map during Uruguay storm

Yesterday evening, between two trips to the garage to get firewood, a couple of clay roof tiles blew off, landing directly where I would have been walking. (I still haven’t replaced the couple from the front that blew off in 2012, given the height of the roof.) I felt a little lucky.

Storm damage, Atlántida, Uruguay

Especially when, from upstairs this morning, we saw that a neighbor has suffered slightly more roof removal.


When we first saw it, the white area top center was a hole completely through the roof.


Not much more visible from the road. I don’t know what the roof was, but obviously not very sturdily built. And equally obviously, not a good idea here to build that way.