Update: actually, lagarto simply means lizard, with no reference to size. This is Jerry, our host today, and owner of the El Nido Hotel in Parque del Plata, armed with alcohol spray bottle to nail the incredibly annoying, biting flies that apparently lay eggs under your skin but we. won’t. go. there.

  After shooting the short video, I closed the door and the bird flew away from the car … … only to settle on a chair outside my office window (also a favorite of the cat).   Green-barred Woodpecker (Colaptes melanochloros) French: Pic vert et noir German: Grünbindenspecht Spanish: Carpintero Real or Carpintero Nuca Roja (Red-naped Woodpecker) Other common names: Green-barred Flicker; Golden-breasted Woodpecker (melanolaimus group) (Thanks to Jim Wiemann for the identification)