I did everything exactly wrong. First, I wore a dark shirt. Most days I wear T shirts, and since yesterday was hot and muggy, I chose one with the thinnest material — which happened to be dark blue. Of course, I had no reason to anticipate what was coming. Have you ever seen a beekeeper’s outfit? No doubt you remember what color it was. Hint: opposite of dark. Second, I did not immediately identify the insect that was buzzing me. This happened a couple months…Continue Reading “Bee attack”

A bird in our backyard pine tree, which is not particularly attractive but, as Syd told us long ago: “In Uruguay in summer, shade is good.” Volunteer squash plants from the mound of dumped non-composted compost, taking over the side passageway of our house, fortunately not otherwise needed. Slightly wilted in the midday sun.

Yesterday, suddenly all the dogs were barking — at something just off the trail. Judging by the markings on the back, this doesn’t seem to be the one we saw a week ago. And then a snake, similar markings to a dead one Syd and I saw. Not sure what’s going on with its tail. About 50 cm long and moving quickly to get away from us..

Here’s Ralf’s photo of the “dinosaur” Benji found the other day. While Syd knows the entire area like the back of his hand, and has a pretty set route, Ralf likes to wander and explore. The other day we ran across beehives, which I’ve seen before, but wouldn’t be able to find on a map. How nice to know that honey bees are happy and thriving in Uruguay!  

You may recall that frogs here make strange sounds. And remain oddly invisible, even in broad daylight. Well, the town has decided to work on drainage, and lo and behold, with foliage gone we have plainly visible frogs! And of course Benji doesn’t quite know what to make of it.