Apparently the Santa Rosa storms have arrived. It’s dreary, and windy, and rainy. So perhaps appropriate to post photos I took a few days ago, on a beach walk, when I thought the weather was just awful, and rightly predicted that virtually no one else would be on the beach. (Hint: no blue sky today!) This is the access board walkway I have shown many times in the past. Because of a “valley” walkway through the dunes to the beach, “they” built a board walkway. But…Continue Reading “Santa Rosa 2018”

It’s quite an interesting experience, shopping in the feria when one minute you linger undercover after making a purchase to stay dry, and just a few minutes later the sun is blinding bright. But it’s al worth it when you get to see a double rainbow (arco iris in Spanish), if only for a few short moments.

Lovely, sunny, crisp autumn day. I walked into town to pick up a $3,000 Western Union transfer (cost: $6) so that now we officially have enough money in the bank here to pay for our new car, which should arrive in the next few days. From where, I have no idea. We ended up with the Meriva in 2009 because it was available: with other makes and models we might have preferred, we were told to “come back in January when the new cars arrive.”…Continue Reading “Requisite autumn photo”

Saturday’s weather was lovely. Monday’s weather was lovely. But Sunday – ! As you look at the flooded road in front of our house, consider that it has 40 cm (~16″) deep ditches on either side.