And in case we needed another reminder where we are — well, let me put this another way. Do you think that a person who makes his living installing windows should know how to install windows? If you answered yes, clearly you haven’t spent much time in Uruguay.   What makes this even “better” — the guy who installed it has already been back once to fix the leaks. And this is not BK Aluminios, an incredibly bad but high-profile business. It’s a little mom-and-pop shop…Continue Reading “Christmas drear”

Tiranos TembladTV posted four days ago its first Summary of Uruguayan events in seven months. The narrator explains that during this period, more than a thousand videos have accumulated, too many to show all. And then — drum roll — starts the summary of events with a dog barking at a balloon (1:40). In case you’re new here (or to refresh your memory), here’s where that clip came from. The Summary is fun to watch all the way through. Even if you don’t understand the narration in…Continue Reading “Benji’s 4 seconds of fame”

For anyone who has dealt with driving in Uruguay, there is nothing here particularly unusual: a pedestrian wandering into a highway, curious interpretations of the meanings of those lines in the road, red lights that don’t apply to city buses. My drive to Montevideo in one minute from Doug on Vimeo.

A close call with a (not atypical) oblivious Uruguayan driver from Doug on Vimeo. The best rule for driving in Uruguay is to try to watch every person and vehicle — pedestrians, bicyclists, motos, and other cars and trucks, constantly imagine the stupidest thing they could do — step into traffic, swerve in front of you without notice, run stop and yield signs — and plan for it. In this case, I might have been distracted by the conversation and so didn’t see the approaching…Continue Reading “Close call”