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Ah, America

Ah, America:
the visual jingoism of
omnipresent flapping flags.
Shiny cars, beseeching churches;
smooth roads and ads for shiny
vehicles, tank-like or claustrophobic:
sometimes both.

My people: fun to help, make laugh,
cheer along. That I can do so easily,
waitress or Walmart Greeter.
Casually conversational, easygoing,
but so must I bear
the oppressive banality
of overheard conversations.

And not indulge intellect, perception,
nor reveal observation, awareness.
My son says they’re stupid:
given two days, I cannot disagree.

Triscuits, flavor rosemary
and olive oil; cheese a combo:
monterrey jack and cheddar.
Chardonnays not Southern Cone:
cheap good California Barefoot;
Onduraga from Oz. Not special,
just not Southern Cone.

In the hotel, we offer to leave
carry-on unfriendly corkscrew
for future guests. Two wine glasses and
real — not-plastic — knife appear
to carry upstairs
for our evening snack.


(from November 2014)

4 nice things about frequent flier miles


  1. Just 20,000 of them got us from Montevideo to Miami;
  2. “TSA PRECHK” exempts you from the more ludicrous aspects of American Security Theater inspired by the “shoe bomber” and ”liquid bomber” made-for-TV dramas;
  3. Priority AAccess means you can get on the second-rate plane used on the non-competitive MIA-MVD run early enough to find an overhead bin for your carry-on bag;
  4. Between MVD and MIA and LAS (Las Vegas), we have none left to expire.

The last point is not trivial, since 80,000 of my frequent flier miles expired earlier this year.


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