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Still trying to sort this out.

Yes, the flashers are flashing.
Yes, that is a Mercedes hood ornament.
Yes, that is a dog in the passenger seat.
Yes, there is a man’s face stenciled to the concrete post.
No, I have no idea what that sign means.
(You can click on the photo to it larger.)


Hang on a minute!

Spotted this at the local barraca (barrack, hut, shed: place they sell hardware and construction stuff): delivery truck loaded with rebar). Were they planning to drag it to the construction site? And where would that be? I’ve seen private vehicles dragging rebar, including motorbikes, but…
…OK, next time I’ll be more patient and curious.



Long day yesterday with my son in the emergency room—badly broken ankle from early morning wandering around with his friends in town. At dusk on the way back, I spotted this truckful of girls. Technically a horrible photo, but then it captures what I wanted. Obviously enjoying themselves!

The flete

Anticipating holiday guests, a friend asked me to arrange transport (a flete) for her stuff, filling the guest space, to another friend’s shipping container in the country. With a local reference, I produced a hard-working driver with an ancient truck that did not inspire confidence.


But it worked just fine. The second of two trips. Truck: 1954 Commer.

Consumer goods in Uruguay tend to be shoddy, so bringing decent things when you move here makes sense. Linens and towels. Clothing. Hand tools, even comfortable chairs and a couch. Still, I marvel (sometimes poetically) at the quantity of stuff people feel the need to import.

Or perhaps I should say, feel the need to possess.


The 40′ container is now perhaps 60% full. Of unused stuff.