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OK, not really inexplicable. There is some way that vehicle launched itself into the concrete separators.

"Parking," Uruguay style

But — how and why exactly?

"Parking," Uruguay style

Notice the totally trashed wheel. The rim was broken into pieces.

"Parking," Uruguay style

Perhaps a reminder not to do this while driving?

Feeling modern

Got out my $10 flip phone (with .3 megapixel camera!) to take to the Untied Snakes. It would appear I did not set the date when I bought it last November.


Or else something very weird is going on.

in 1980, I was rendez-vousing with people in Europe. With no cell phones. With no texting (telex, yes). No internet. No IM. Incredible! How did we do it?







I feel like a phoney

We have two phones in our house: one local, and one VOIP with our business number in the United States. The six pictured here comprise neither of those two.phones

The farthest we brought from Mexico. Nice, solid thing but it dropped and cracked. Next to it, one we bought in Chuy, one of the towns on the Brazilian border where bargains can be found, and stuff brought back duty-free with a foreign passport. I hooked it up after taking the picture, and shortly after hearing it crackle and sputter, chucked it in the trash.

I know we’ve brought phones form the States. But why, and why so many?

Meanwhile, I realize the concept of a land line is kind of quaint. Why spend USD 15 on a phone and not-very-much (a bit over USD 10 last month) for a fixed line, when you can spend USD 500 on a smart phone and a bunch per month for a mobile plan, risk losing the phone and personal data, meanwhile irradiating your brain every time you use it, and your gonads when you carry it in your pocket?

Obviously I’ve thought about these things, their real consequences and costs, and speak with some authority.

Alas, I still feel like a phoney. And an old school phoney at that.