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We are enjoying Atlántida

"We are enjoying Atlántida" (Uruguay)

My German friend Mike mentioned this sign today, which I only saw for the first time last week. He assures me it’s been here at least four years.

The faceless girl’s bikini — at least the bottom — is very modest by Uruguay beach standards, and the faceless boy … well, how exactly does he balance on one foot like that?



About a month ago, I noticed someone had dumped some construction rubbish in the road near us. Then I saw a backhoe moving it onto the lot, which had clearly been very wet during the recent rains.
And a sign: Se recibe escombro. (Clean) fill wanted. Escombro refers to bits of what houses and such are made of: brick, concrete, tile.

From that, now this ungainly mess, including plastic. And a new sign: Propriedad privada – no tirar basura ni escombro. Private property. Do not dump garbage or construction waste.

More ironic, the rather brutal potholes in the road. In five minutes, someone with a shovel and wheelbarrow could fill them, with the material right there. No one has. I would (did once before) but my wheelbarrow is in the country. One of these days….