With no call to action, this sign had me a little puzzled. The nearby parking attendant explained that it’s to remind people that there’s a school nearby, with children learning the classic Uruguayan practice they will carry into adulthood, namely wandering around in traffic, oblivious to it. Well, OK, he didn’t say exactly that. Regardless, assuming that an Uruguayan driver will make the connection between the word niños and the thought that perhaps he should slow down strikes me as an entirely unreasonable proposition.      

Syd sent me photos he took recently of signs in the Caribbean. Nothing to do with Uruguay, but too good not to pass on. Nailed to a tree in front of a rather simple house in Bequia, Grenadines. Don’t trouble with trying to parse it. All’s ill that ends L? That awkward moment when you realize your drink’s been drinking. In the morning, no less.

A new sign has appeared in the Tienda Inglesa parking lot in Atlántida. In a northern setting, it wouldn’t merit a second glance (except for being in Spanish: ”Thanks for leaving your shopping cart here.”) However, as I joked to the employee in the parking lot, you can tell the new owners are American. Klaff Realty, LP, owners of the Safeway and Albertson’s supermarket chains in north America, bought Tienda Inglesa’s 10 stores in March for $120 million. The shift has been subtle but palpable:…Continue Reading “Gracias por dejar”

Between Paracas and Naxca, Perú. Perhaps because the image shows the exact opposite of what they want you to do, the message doubles down: “Don’t urinate or piss outside the bowl.” Further adding to its charm, it’s posted above urinals, not toilets.