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Reaching for…

This morning, in my maybe-sorta dare-you-to-grow garden, an ambitious squash plant aspires to — what? A penthouse apartment in the avocado trees?

Ambitious squash plant, Uruguay

Most noteworthy about this image is what it lacks: shadows. After weeks of blistering sun, the temperature dropped dramatically overnight (90s – 70s F, 30s – 20s C). Unlike the last few weeks of forecast nonexistent thunderstorms, this time they got it right. We’re delighted, though reminded that *sigh* winter in Uruguay comes not far behind.





sunset, sumer and winter solstice, Atlántida Urugyuay

Just because I remembered this year 😉

We’re at 34’46” south, roughly equivalent to Charlotte, North Carolina, Bakersfield California, southern Cyprus, Kabul, Hiroshima in the north.

Autumn in the air

Atumn in the air, Atlántida, Uruguay

Layers, knit cap, shoes on for the beach. First time in a while. It felt like autumn earlier this year (March).

Also in the end of March last year. And end of March three years ago.

I’m not complaining that it’s been warm this year. Not at all. We had our first fire couple nights ago on behalf of Tex‘s sister from Honduras, here to take care of his affairs. I was barefoot, in a short sleeve shirt. I guess you get spoiled, living in the topics.