The repaving of the bus route (see here and here) has actually turned out quite nicely. Avenida Mario Ferreiria has become a pleasure to drive instead of a nightmare. I’m not sure about having a line down the middle of a two-lane road in Uruguay, though, given the challenge so many drivers have deciding whether to drive in a lane or on a line.* *0:50 here if you missed it

There must be pothole gods. Or demons. Or entities. Otherwise — now that our road is fixed and well-drained — why do all the potholes (pozos, same word as well) form right around our driveway? Today a little kid — just-removed-the-training-wheels little — fell in one of them. Mama cajoled him, stopped his crying, encouraged him back in the saddle to ride on. And perhaps admonishing him: next time, be careful around THOSE PEOPLE’s driveway.