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Chinese food in Uruguay! (just kidding)

Chinese dining in Uruguay - well, not really

I think some friends recommended this “Chinese“ restaurant in Carrasco. Well, the friendly purveyor appeared Chinese, and spoke Rioplatense Spanish so fluently that obviously she knew that real Chinese food would hold no appeal for the Uruguayan palate. Unfortunately, that expounded to no taste other than soy sauce, and food that seemed to be leftovers, especially believable considering we were the only diners.

Consider this a “must miss” when in Montevideo. Oh, did I mention ridiculously expensive?

I used to taunt expats in Uruguay: what‘s your favorite Thai restaurant in Montevideo? It was a Schrödinger‘s-cat kind of thing, except that the cat was metaphorically dead. In reality nonexistent. Ditto Chinese.

A “new” restaurant

La Cuchare de Madera Restaurant in Parqu del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay

La Cuchara de Madera restaurant, Parque del Plata, Canelones, Uruguay
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‘The Wooden Spoon’

Excellent food, ambiance, and presentation at reasonable price (entrees UYP 290, a little over USD 12). One block form the bus station. Surprisingly, it has been open for three years, but we’d never heard of it until recently. Open daily noon to midnight.

I would have taken a picture of our lunch but I don’t Instagram 😉