A friend pulled off the road in a quiet neighborhood of Montevideo to make a phone call. As he was talking, a local woman decided to park in back of him, something she proved incapable of doing without slowly but forcefully driving into the back of his car, trashing it. The body repair people put the Suzuki label back on, but off-center. The next time the car went to the dealer, they were so upset that the logo was off-center — to the left — that they…Continue Reading “Speaking of getting it wrong”

OK, not exactly a miracle, but feels like one after buying plastic ice trays that start breaking within a few days: orange ones purchased at Disco supermarket. Even after ten days in the land of low prices / high expectations (that would be ‘Murka; Uruguay being the land of high prices / low expectations), I still joy in something as simple as cheap orange ice trays that eject intact ice cubes — the entire tray! — and have shown no sign of cracking after several…Continue Reading “¡Milagro!”

Oh boy, you’re thinking, he’s really lost it now. I know: shoes with Velcro are not exciting. But in Uruguay, cheap shoes that fit me are exciting. And most of what’s available is size 45 or less. These are 48. And they fit. And they cost under USD 30. The ones I wanted they had, surprisingly, in 46, 47, and 49, but no 48. They called another store a few blocks away (I thought I’d been in every one in Pando already), and told me…Continue Reading “My exciting new calzados con Velcro”

Finally got my act together to shine my shoes so I could store them in a airtight plastic bag, and hope to keep mold at bay. Which is not an issue with my Brazilian-made shoes. I don’t mean that as a blanket endorsement of Brazilian products. This is my first time using the new Brazilian shoe brush. Glad I did it outside.

Inspired by local expats who have started making sausage, but not by their product or prices, the kid decided to make his own, and diligently cranked and cranked and cranked with a neighbor’s manual grinder. Lot of work. So when we found an electric one at Tienda Inglesa, we said why not and shelled out some bonus points. The kid cranked it up, and it worked like a charm! For an hour. Unfortunately, not completely unexpected with products sold here.