We have two supermarkets in Atlántida, Tienda Inglesa and Disco, the latter a bit more down-scale. Because the wait for a cashier in Disco is often considerably longer, and it’s just a dingier experience overall, I seldom go there, but got inspired to compare prices. I think that might change. A cashier offered that they also give you a further 10% on ten bottles or more, something I’ve certainly never heard at Tienda Inglesa.

You might recall that the answer to “What do you get when you tell the leñero (firewood seller) that you don’t want pieces longer than 40 cm?” was “an excuse to buy a chainsaw.” This does not suggest that I went chainsaw shopping. However, seeing a small gas-powered chainsaw for sale at Géant for USD 119 — and with a one-year guarantee*  — and having exactly USD 120 in my wallet … well, seemed that fate she was a-speakin’ to me. Starts right up, cuts…Continue Reading “Green Machine”

I note that the Playstation 4 has landed in Uruguay. Yes, only 850 US dollars! My son was able to buy two last December in the States. He sold the second to a friend here, and got almost all his money back for both (he gave his friend a deal). The PS3 and Kinect are correspondingly cheaper as well, of course.