How else to describe them? They grow like little sticks out of the ground with no leaves, make pretty pink flowers, then go away. Until this time next year. Do you have any idea what they’re called?

A friend generously brought me a cactus shortly after we moved here. One of my son’s friends figured out what kind of cactus it was, and stole a chunk.  I never learned anything more about that. The whole top part you see is what has regrown in six years since he cut a chunk off. Alas, a recent windstorm broke two of the three branches — but not the new one! I gave away the tip of one branch. The other I planted. The bright green…Continue Reading “Cacti”

Years ago, a fellow expat told me about a long clamp he bought at Tienda Inglesa, very handy for making clean plywood cuts with a circular saw. I went to Tienda Inglesa, and — reminiscent of trying to find a ”special” item that you didn’t buy the first time you saw it at Costco — there were none. And there have been none. Until yesterday! So it’s an early Christmas present. Time to try again to make a cabinet! In other news, a bloom: I think…Continue Reading “An early Christmas present”

Yesterday evening, a Namibian farmer of German descent who relocated here showed me how the thorny branches of the two orange trees salvaged from my failed country growing attempt were in fact suckers, growing from the root stock, and would never contribute anything. I had no idea that orange trees were grafted! So those bits went away first thing this morning. Then to start the rounds: butcher, vegetable stand, plant some squash plants in the campo, report to the glass people that the window they…Continue Reading “A busy 24 hours”

On our dog walk today, Syd pointed out how unhealthy many trees looked — should they appear like this in spring? I agreed. The more you look, the more you see. And those strange hazy skies? Syd thinks it’s the result of aerial shpraying, as a certain German we know insists. After I got home, I took my camera as I walked to the feria (street market). Wow! Lots of unhappy-looking trees, indeed. Right across the street from us. Then, in the feria, I ran…Continue Reading “Sick trees?”