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The whine of organ donors

cool summer eve
but holidays
and traffic
and motorcycles
up the coast highway
and the two-lane beach road
many thousand RPM

no police but once
i did hear a siren
and many thousand RPM
went to zero
for a while

(their noise annoys
perhaps more than the neighbors
who cut their lawn
with a weedeater)

but gratitude is key in life
and for healthy young organs
more likely to be shared
at many thousand RPM
i suppose we should say
thank you
in advance

A little noise can be a good thing

I’ve mentioned the noisy airplane advertising and motorcycle advertising. This story comes from our friends Syd and Gundy who used the motorcycle advertising service, with a rather remarkable result.

Their dog Leah disappeared on Christmas afternoon 2011. They had briefly attended a get-together near us, then returned home to prepare dinner for guests joining them at 5pm.  At about 4pm, Syd took the dogs out to the woods for a walk.  Fireworks exploded. Leah went into panic mode and fled.  Syd searched, returned home for an uncomfortable dinner, and then their guests joined them for another search.  He continued searching on his own until dark and early the next morning and again in the afternoon.

Two days after, a Spanish-speaking friend suggested an ad on the loudspeaker bike, and went with them to order it.  While making the aural message, the company suggested posters, included in their cost.  The posters ended up in vet offices and places where dog food is sold.  One of those posters was seen by that same friend’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, who had seen a Facebook posting by a couple in Pando (20 km away) showing the dog they had found at the beach in Atlántida.  He realized they were likely the same dog, told his Facebook friends how to contact his ex-girlfriend, who told her mother, who emailed Syd and Gundy a link to the Facebook posting.

Thus Leah was rescued, having been very well taken care of in the meantime, as a result of noisy motorcycle advertising.

Though the noise part actually contributed nothing.