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What a difference a brush makes

Finally doing some much-needed maintenance on wooden ceilings.


Phase 1 is the lambriz, thin tongue-and-groove. Next are the beams, in a darker color, for which I splurged and bought an angled sash brush. Which, believe it or not, is a big deal. The only place I could find one was in Tienda Inglesa. Yes, the supermarket.

And, of my goodness, does it make a difference!


The bottom brush is typical of what you find in hardware stores here: with short, coarse bristles that tend to spread.

Perhaps when next up north I’ll wander through Home Depot and salivate.



Before I even got out of bed, I heard machinery in the road. Looked out to see a large truck with a replacement length of plastic culvert. Oh nooo … the definition of insanity and all that.

But wait! It’s smaller (40 cm vs. 50 cm)! It’s got sufficient cover not to be crushed by the weight of a truck!

And it’s …