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The ANTEL Bill

Three months ago, some guy sputtered up to our rusting mailbox and delivered someone else’s phone bill. Sombunall companies (phone, electric, and water are gubmint) deliver bills privately instead of using the government postal servicee (some irony there?). I don’t know which, since we get ours electronically (sometimes excessively). But two months ago, when the same bill arrived again, I went to tell them that I did not want this to happen again.

Which of course it did.

I did make an effort to find out to whom this bill should have been delivered, but didn’t get too far into that before hatching an alternate plan.

So here’s how I have chosen to advise the misguided mail carrier that the only bit of info he had right was the Manzana, or block. (No, you haven’t forgotten your high school Spanish: manzana does mean apple. I just live here, OK?)

ANTEL bill Uruguay

Then came the presentation.

ANTEL bill taped to mailbox, Uruguay

Style-wise, I’m of the school that says you can’t go wrong with duct tape. But if you think placing the offending bill across the opening where lazy doofus would cram it into mailbox is clever, you’re only revealing your northern-ness. It will not surprise me at all to see the next bill inserted behind this one.

Stay tuned….



—Several years ago, getting a quote on a large order, I complemented the local lighting store on their prices, which were much better than another place I’d just been. The kid behind the counter said, ”Sometimes they’re more expensive. Sometimes we’re more expensive. There’s no real competition here.”

He used the word competencia.

competition and competence in Spanish

And today his statement was again proven true (with a twist, twice!) with a phone bill address and delivery.

ANTEL bill delivery fail, Uruguay

Snail mail

Friends who left here several years ago still have a house. And mail. It’d not our job to pick it up, but we do from time to time.


I didn’t get the rest of the paper-envelope bills because they were infested with aunts. The plastic ones proved popular with other critters.




A couple of international (shipping) mysteries

Can you spot what’s wrong in the following?



I need to get some documents to Mexico. Sent Priority, they can be there in two days for $54.38. Or by paying only 25% more for “Economy,” I can ensure they won’t be there for a full week.

Nothing unusual about a package with “Air Mail” in French and English. Unless it’s mailed by someone who lives in Germany ….