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Spanglish, Uruguay style

The POP stand from yesterday reminds me of substitutions people make here, generally to shorten words (one of the trickier words we tried when we first arrived in Buenos Aires long ago was estacionamiento, which i eight syllables to say “parking.” And indeed, you can see signs that say “parking” here.

So “off” in place of descuento, but why “on line” when the Spanish is en linea?

Mix-and-match languages

And what’s with the possessive apostrophe? Guys, in your language there is no possessive apostrophe. (No matter how many years you’ve been dreaming.)



Ten syllables later


I was actually trying to remember this word, which I’d first seen on the side of a van, shortly before walking past this. Roof sealing.Go ahead, give it a shot 😉

La Casa de la Azotea means “The House of the Roof,” casa meaning shop, or business. Which reminds me, I’ve always wanted to go into La Casa de las Ruedas (“The House of Wheels”) in Montevideo, whose owners obviously also own La Casa del Caucho, “The House of Rubber.”