It’s been over a week since I last posted, about dissecting a dead laser printer and discovering that it yielded several pounds of recyclable plastic. Today I was cleaning out files and found a photo taken a month ago. Some low-functioning individual decided a more appropriate way to dispose of a broken printer would be to take it 180 meters from the nearest dwellings, and dump it in a field. Meanwhile, doing a bit of spring cleaning – it’s amazing how much grows around the…Continue Reading “Catching up”

I looked at our front door the other day. It looks quite horrible. Thought I should: take it off hinges good going-over with recently repaired belt sander refinish But then I thought, ya know, burglars are pretty good at scoping out houses. Even for a deaf potential burglar, this gives a good clue about what to expect inside. Not favorable for his undertaking. Problem solved: do nothing. Hella less work for me, and that warm fuzzy feeling of having done an unsolicited act of kindness for…Continue Reading “Best to do nothing”

Grease trap. Stinky, nasty piece of work that has to be cleaned out every couple months. Here’s ours, dug up and replaced. It looks perfectly functional, and it is. But since the plans to our house were never brought up to date at the intendencia, it had to be replaced by a bigger “approved” one — 20 liters. Instead of 18.