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Best to do nothing

I looked at our front door the other day.

It looks quite horrible. Thought I should:

  • take it off hinges
  • good going-over with recently repaired belt sander
  • refinish

dog-scratched door

But then I thought, ya know, burglars are pretty good at scoping out houses. Even for a deaf potential burglar, this gives a good clue about what to expect inside. Not favorable for his undertaking.

Problem solved: do nothing. Hella less work for me, and that warm fuzzy feeling of having done an unsolicited act of kindness for a stranger I’ll never meet.





Grease trap. Stinky, nasty piece of work that has to be cleaned out every couple months. Here’s ours, dug up and replaced.


It looks perfectly functional, and it is. But since the plans to our house were never brought up to date at the intendencia, it had to be replaced by a bigger “approved” one — 20 liters.

Instead of 18.




Heat remediation in an uninsulated house

Typically uninsulated Uruguayan house cieling
Adding a little R to the north (sun)-facing side of the bedroom ceiling

On the other side of the aluminum-backed fiberglass insulation I’ve installed, there’s more of the thin tongue-and groove paneling wood (lambriz), a layer of sheet plastic, wood strips, and clay tiles. During the summer, the north-facing roof tiles take the sun all day, radiating heat to make our bedroom the hottest room in the house in summer.

And the coldest in the winter, with nothing but 1 cm of pine for insulation at the peak where the hot (well, warmer anyway) air gathers.

And oh by the way, yes, being up that ladder like that is a little crazy.