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Starting the year with wildlife preservation

The cloying heat yesterday broke into a downpour, turning our road into a river. This morning, heading back from the deserted beach, I noticed that one stream had formed a puddle in the road, full of tadpoles, most less than a meter from a ditch full of water, but with no way to get to it before car tires crushed them or they died in the sun as the rest of the water drained.

Surprisingly difficult to catch them with a cut-off plastic bottle, but I managed to get 50 or 60 – most of them – into the ditch, where they at least have the chance to grow into frogs.

And eat mosquitoes.


The frogs are back. Some frogs, anyway.

After all the rain, I’ve been hearing them the last couple nights. They sound like frogs, which makes sense.

Except in the previous couple years, they’ve sounded like cats. Mew, mew, mew…. Our German neighbor said that when he first moved here, he enjoyed that sound of nature, but had no idea what it was.

So now we have frogs that sound like frogs, and it’s weird.