Over three years ago, I scored the better part of a deck’s worth of dense curupay boards. I did only one small project, then a picnic table which, despite complete sanding and refinishing with marine varnish after a couple years, quickly weathered again into a mottled mess. I lost interest in working with this curupay again, and have from time to time cut up some of the smaller lengths for firewood. Today I got a load of “real” firewood delivered, which prompted me to clean…Continue Reading “The great curupay cleanup”

High on my priorities today: order firewood. We‘ve been burning leftovers, curupay scraps, and some of this load from a house I‘m looking after. Most of it is green, but there was some very dry pine as well. The going price for red eucalyptus (considerably denser than white eucalyptus) appears to be 5,000 pesos per kilo.  That’s up just a bit from 3,000 pesos three years ago! First place I went, I could feel the humidity with my hand (I hadn’t brought the meter). They…Continue Reading “Firewood!”

I’ve mentioned curupay wood before, so when friends said they were replacing their deck and I could have some, I immediately made plans to  build a table (better than this one). I didn’t want to be greedy, because what remained they’d use as firewood. Then they announced plans to leave Uruguay, so I thought “why not?” They’d consider it a favor if I cleared it all out, cleaned up, and re-stacked their firewood to make the place look neater. Back home, many hours of removing…Continue Reading “More curupay and the “pobre Meriva””

Q: What do you get when you tell the leñero (firewood seller) that you don’t want pieces longer than 40 cm? A: An excuse to buy a chain saw. To be fair, he doesn’t cut it himself (that’s not him in the link above; last time I saw Dardo he was driving a taxi). And he charges me 20-25% less than the going rate: UYP 3,000 (USD 130+) per metric ton. Yes, per ton — I’ve discussed this before. I just took readings of the…Continue Reading “What do you get when you tell the leñero …”