Several years ago, I saw a scene where a car had left the Ruta Interbalnearia  eastbound at high speed. Today, another. I was cruising the frontage road looking for a mechanic’s shop. Rather sobering, considering how many people I passed on foot or riding bicycles, not to mention the thought of a car flying off the highway into your vehicle. What’s also interesting is how close this is to the crash in 2012. And the speed limit? Close as I can tell, 60 km/hr (36…Continue Reading “Another single-car crash”

For anyone who has dealt with driving in Uruguay, there is nothing here particularly unusual: a pedestrian wandering into a highway, curious interpretations of the meanings of those lines in the road, red lights that don’t apply to city buses. My drive to Montevideo in one minute from Doug on Vimeo.

A close call with a (not atypical) oblivious Uruguayan driver from Doug on Vimeo. The best rule for driving in Uruguay is to try to watch every person and vehicle — pedestrians, bicyclists, motos, and other cars and trucks, constantly imagine the stupidest thing they could do — step into traffic, swerve in front of you without notice, run stop and yield signs — and plan for it. In this case, I might have been distracted by the conversation and so didn’t see the approaching…Continue Reading “Close call”