Several years ago, I saw a scene where a car had left the Ruta Interbalnearia  eastbound at high speed. Today, another. I was cruising the frontage road looking for a mechanic’s shop. Rather sobering, considering how many people I passed on foot or riding bicycles, not to mention the thought of a car flying off the highway into your vehicle. What’s also interesting is how close this is to the crash in 2012. And the speed limit? Close as I can tell, 60 km/hr (36…Continue Reading “Another single-car crash”

With no call to action, this sign had me a little puzzled. The nearby parking attendant explained that it’s to remind people that there’s a school nearby, with children learning the classic Uruguayan practice they will carry into adulthood, namely wandering around in traffic, oblivious to it. Well, OK, he didn’t say exactly that. Regardless, assuming that an Uruguayan driver will make the connection between the word niños and the thought that perhaps he should slow down strikes me as an entirely unreasonable proposition.      

Summer traffic — and we’re now in peak summer season — tends to be horrific. We live at the convergence of Punta-bound traffic from all points west. Punta del Este is the glitz capital of the southern hemisphere in January. We avoid it like the plague, but people who want to be there don’t want to be anywhere else. Especially slowed by congestion in Atlántida. As I pointed out almost four years ago, the new overpass in La Floresta means pretty much open road after…Continue Reading “Another one bites the dust”

For anyone who has dealt with driving in Uruguay, there is nothing here particularly unusual: a pedestrian wandering into a highway, curious interpretations of the meanings of those lines in the road, red lights that don’t apply to city buses. My drive to Montevideo in one minute from Doug on Vimeo.