It’s been a long time since I posted Dead Things On The Beach, but today’s was quite impressive. As was Benji’s response. Until I got close, I was convinced the turtle was going to move. As usual, how and why of its demise remain a mystery.        

This might go faster than I expected: Unfortunately, I was correct: Gorgeous day, inexplicably empty beach: Populated only by large dead fish, perhaps caught in changing salt/fresh water in yesterday’s stormy weather. With eyes intact: not a sign of seagulls. Yet.  

What’s wrong with this picture? The answer lies in what is not there. A bit further down the beach, another dead dog, half buried. Second one in six weeks. I hope this doesn’t become a trend. Little — well, not so little — SpinkyFace was a little spooked by it.  

Lots of people enjoying the sun this afternoon, though one stretch a bit empty, obviously because of the Dead Thing On The Beach. Which turns out to be a large, slightly bloated dog. How did it die? Where did it come from?