For anyone who has dealt with driving in Uruguay, there is nothing here particularly unusual: a pedestrian wandering into a highway, curious interpretations of the meanings of those lines in the road, red lights that don’t apply to city buses. My drive to Montevideo in one minute from Doug on Vimeo.

A close call with a (not atypical) oblivious Uruguayan driver from Doug on Vimeo. The best rule for driving in Uruguay is to try to watch every person and vehicle — pedestrians, bicyclists, motos, and other cars and trucks, constantly imagine the stupidest thing they could do — step into traffic, swerve in front of you without notice, run stop and yield signs — and plan for it. In this case, I might have been distracted by the conversation and so didn’t see the approaching…Continue Reading “Close call”

Exquisitely dreary Uruguay weather – Santa Rosa without the wind from Doug on Vimeo. From sunny t-shirt weather the last couple days to this: perfect ruination of the weekend for which two of our neighbors ventured out from Montevideo. Sometimes pouring rain, sometimes just rain. The wind has been subdued compared to prior years (2012 perhaps the worst so far). SPOILER: this video is just three minutes of driving. Nothing actually happens. Which is actually exactly how days like this feel. (Though I did get…Continue Reading “Exquisitely dreary”

“And no, everybody knows what to do in a rond [sic] about and everybody knows that you must use only one lane.” This comes from a comment on this post. Amongst the numerous examples I will show that the second half of this statement is false, I did go through the airport roundabout on this trip without someone turning right from the left lane. However, inevitably it will happen again and I’ll get it on video 😉 Drive UY – if they want you to use one…Continue Reading “Drive UY: those pesky lines”