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Sick trees?

On our dog walk today, Syd pointed out how unhealthy many trees looked — should they appear like this in spring? I agreed. The more you look, the more you see. And those strange hazy skies? Syd thinks it’s the result of aerial shpraying, as a certain German we know insists.

After I got home, I took my camera as I walked to the feria (street market). Wow! Lots of unhappy-looking trees, indeed.

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Right across the street from us.

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Damaged/unhealthy trees, Atlántida, Uruguay

Then, in the feria, I ran across Pilar, host of blueberry picking and the feria orgánica (see Atlántida Events in the menu bar above), and asked her.

Yes, she said, the wind has been horrible, regaling me with stories about her torn-up shade arbor, piles of plums on the ground and lost blueberries as well (I’ll see on Saturday morning) because of the recent winds. She says the wind damages branches, allows contaminación and hongos (fungus) and insects to invade the weakened parts of the tree.

Pilar knows her stuff. She advises the Uruguayan government on hemp and marijuana production (former promising, latter disappointing because the chosen distributors — pharmacies — apparently want nothing to with marijuana. Hmm, less profitable than pharmaceuticals? Or something else?).

Anyway, weather’s getting weird, and it may be the result of some “geoengineering.” But for now I’m going with weather, and not aerosols, for the damaged trees. We simply have nothing here like the shpraying I so clearly saw in North Carolina, Spokane, and later developing in Mexico.

Chemtrail plane identified

Strange combination of wispy clouds and fluffy ones today. But this west-east streak is clearly spraying.

Chemtrail from Lufthansa flight over Atlántida, Uruguay

I guessed 10-15 minutes old, when to planefinder.com and found the culprit:

Lufthansa chemtrail flight EZE-DKR

It seemed a little off course, or pointing the wrong way.

Lufthansa chemtrail flight EZE-DKR

But a half hour later, it’s out to sea and passage over us seems much more feasible.

wind map Uruguay

And the wind’s from the north, which makes sense. The trail drifted south a little.

Lufthansa chemtrail flight EZE-DKR

Five minutes later, it has turned northeast

Lufthansa chemtrail flight EZE-DKR

en route to Dakar, Senegal, about exactly halfway to Frankfurt. Spraying the whole way, or just over populated areas?

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Not a good sign


For belief-corral detainees, yeah, it’s about the dead tree that could blow over.

For those aware of the broadly- and deeply-documented, proven-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt geoengineering experiments in North America and Europe, the appearance of a non-contrail, non-natural spreading linear cloud is not a welcome sight.*

*Oh wait, but MSNBCBS and the New York Times don’t report on it, and “officials” — so open and honest in every other way — deny its existence, so it can’t be true. I feel so better now.

Rare chemtrail in Uruguay

Chemtrail, coastal Uruguay

As when we first moved to rural Mexico in 2007, we rarely see chemtrails here. Always morning, and a single event, sprayed east to west. I didn’t see the plane this morning, but suspect a commercial flight destined for Buenos Aires (just as in Mexico they always pointed to Mexico City). For Buenos Aires, this morning’s candidates would be Iberia or British Air flights originating in Madrid.

Alternately, Centurion Air Cargo 431was scheduled to land in Montevideo at 0800. From Miami. However, this seems a little high to be on approach to an airport only 25 km away:

Chemtrail, coastal Uruguay

It took me by surprise, and I didn’t realize I had easy access to flight info online. Haven’t seen one in a while. Last one, in fact, was almost exactly a year ago.

Fortunately, in windy coastal Uruguay, there’s little chance of blanketing the sky as I witnessed often in North Carolina and Washington State, but also many other places, including Paris, Frankfurt, Prague….

Except in very unusual instances, real contrails (ice crystals) dissipate within 30 seconds.

The US government, via NASA, lamely attempts to debunk observations of chemtrails by calling them “persistent contrails.” Never A Straight Answer, indeed, but most Americans simply believe what the government tells them, officially or through the lapdog corporate media.

A chemtrail in Uruguay

In over two and half years in Uruguay, it’s only the second or third chemtrail I’ve seen.

Pretty much what I saw: borrowed and altered photo

I’m not happy to see it, but living on the windswept edge of an immense expanse of water, in a thinly-populated country, it’s not as threatening as in the northern hemisphere, where blue skies frequently turn to gray under the onslaught of spraying.