I’ve spotted cats around this one vacant house for some while. But never four at once, sitting in the open, watching me and my dog through an open fence. Fortunately, for my dog, cats do not represent food value. However, if that one in front was 3-day-old, stale, maybe even moldy bread, she’d be in there in a heartbeat. Yes, that daft. Closer to home, our neighbor emails me a picture of our cat, asleep. On their bed, in their house, upstairs.  

< That cat has gotten a little annoying the last few nights. If he doesn’t come in at dusk, he wakes us up in the middle of the night to get in. If he stays in at dusk, he wakes us in the early hours to go out. Last night, apparently, he found something fascinating to catch by jumping up on the bathroom mirror… …after stepping in toothpaste that had oozed out of the tube of locally-produced stuff.