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What’s wrong with these pictures?


By which I mean, of course, what’s wrong with putting wheels on a totally burned-out VW Fusca and towing it home instead of writing it off?

Who knows, maybe it’s a collectible.



Someone’s going to pay USD 12,500 for a 39 year old VW Beetle to take on vacation?

See for yourself. They’re not all that ridiculous, but the prices are still pretty horrific.

Road trip!

Saw this at the féria (market) today.


Since I was thinking more about cheese, bananas, and nuts than geography, and despite the fact that I’m sorta-planning a trip there, I had to think exactly how far away that was.


Almost the distance from New York to Los Angeles. And there are no interstate highways in northern Argentina, Paraguay. Bolivia, and Peru. OBTW.

I love that it’s a garden-variety car: Renault Duster. They braved the wilds of South America without something like this or this!

Revelation or anathema?




New passport, tires, and maybe blender

OK, nothing unusual about this. I went to the US spy center in Montevideo to renew my exceptional blue travel document for ten years: 10 minutes and 110 dollars. Concluded with a stop at an obscure repair place in an obscure part of Montevideo to see about fixing a Kassel blender, used gift from Syd and Gundy, that I managed to burn out (trying to process egg shells as a garden supplement).

Tire shop in Montevideo, Uruguay

In between, about an hour finding the tire place, negotiating one-way streets, and getting new tires for USD 59 each, balanced and installed (175/70/R14). In our local shop, they’d be around USD 85 each. Nothing exceptional about this, except that I’m obviously taking pictures inside the shop: anathema to OSHA and all the safety-nanny-priests of the Great North.

If I’m stupid enough to go to the car jack, release it with my leg underneath to be crushed by the weight of the vehicle, well, then, by golly, maybe I have learned anew about cause and effect. Don’t tell OSHA that people tend not to be so stupid.

Or maybe, in “Murka,” coached by their lawyers, they do.

As it is, I move myself out of the traffic patterns of the guys doing the work, and watch with interest.

It works.