“Don’t laugh,” Burkhard said as he opened the container door. It’s a Ford Model T he plans to restore. Notice the little round springs – those are aftermarket additions. Apparently the T had a rigid suspension. Ouch. He confesses that the radiator has already been restored. And though the hood and fenders have been primed, there’s some serious fender rot which will require some TIG welding. He’ll get someone else to do that, since he doesn’t want to invest in a [Tungsten Inert Gas] welding…Continue Reading “On to the T”

Last Wednesday, 4:55 PM I was traveling from right to left in this picture, so yes, the truck that hit me spun me 180°. It was entirely my fault as far as the two vehicles were concerned. It took me a day and a half to realize exactly how and why it happened. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m fine. A couple of small bruises, one on my hip from the seat belt anchor, one on my upper back from who-knows-what. Benji, sitting as…Continue Reading “My nemesis, the bifurcated A-pillar”

On Saturday, returning from the organic vegetable market, we passed an unusual crowd of parked cars on the entranceway to the Ruta Interbalnearia, and glimpsed a collection of antique cars on display in a most unusual and inaccessible area. It was a bit before noon. We unpacked groceries, I checked email, then hopped on my bike with camera to document the event. Alas, there was nothing there, and no evidence that there had ever been anything there. Gone! So you get this instead, spotted a…Continue Reading “Saab story”

Like the fuel to run them, cars are ridiculously expensive in Uruguay. I’ve talked about that before. Here’s a decades-old Chevy Impala (I have been unable to determine the year) for sale. Not in very good shape; I don’t even want to know what they’re asking for it. Approaching is the quintessential cheap-ass-looking Citroen beach buggy, called a Méhari. They were actually produced in Uruguay from 1971 to 1979. So you can probably pick one up cheap, right? As we say in Spanish, jajajajajajaja! Interestingly,…Continue Reading “Impala, Méhari”