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Not German

When I spotted this rig, past experience dictated that its inhabitants would speak German.

“BL” seems like it would indicate Belgium, which has a small German-speaking population.

But in fact it indicates the Bratislava district of Slovakia.

Bratislava, 2008
Photo from our visit to Bratislava in 2008

Pretty well traveled:_____, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Czech Republic, _____, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Gibraltar, _____, Norway. Starting upper left, diagonally down to the right, any idea what those three are?

Anyway, in true Euro travel style, it appears equipped for anything.

I still chuckle when I see these massive fuel-guzzling monsters, remembering this.




The unbearable lightness of travel (German style)


Welcome to another season of German one-bag travelers. The one bag, of course, has to have four monstrous wheels, weigh several tons, consume lots of fuel, and be prepared to assault any terrain.


If this looks familiar, perhaps it’s because you saw this post, or this post, or this post.

If you wonder why I even pay attention, consider the last time I was in Germany (2008). We spent several weeks in Europe. I bought a couple of paperback books in Paris, which added to the weight I was carrying. For the flight home, my luggage was up to 6.5 kg (14.3 pounds) … probably the weight of the taillights of this monster.

À chacun son goût.*


*Jedem das Seine, the German version, goes back centuries, but doesn’t play well now due to its incorporation in the entrance sign to Buchenwald concentration camp from WW II.