The brakes on my bike had gotten bad enough that stopping without putting shoes on pavement was no longer a sure thing. (You will, by the way, often see Uruguayans braking bikes and even motos using that method.) So I rode it in the wilting heat this morning to the little bike shop for them to do their magic. Bicycle repair really does seem like magic to me, especially after I try to do it. I then walked to Tienda Inglesa, where a cashier last…Continue Reading “Little pleasant surprises”

…when I saw this in the road. Because I knew exactly what it was for. Do you? Scroll down for the answer….                                                                   In case you’re still wondering, that’s how I store what I tie around my right ankle when bicycling in long pants, to keep them out of the chain. I don’t…Continue Reading “Had to chuckle…”

Ralf, Syd’s brother in law, left for Germany Saturday after several months here. He had brought his electric bike from Germany to have some adventures exploring Argentina and Uruguay. The bike itself provided some adventures, requiring the German Embassy in Buenos Aires to intervene with the bus company that “lost” it. And then the airport: though the bike had come from Germany on Air Europa just with a plastic wrapping, the Uruguayan employees decided it had to be in a box. And of course they had no…Continue Reading “The bike”