Tiza means chalk in Spanish, and for several years the local Rotary Club in Atlántida has held an event called Atlantiza, where they close off a street and provide chalk and a 3 x 3 meter artist’s space. Some people use the chalk to draw; others mix it with water and paint. With rain threatening, this year featured a significant number of no-shows. While some of the creations were nice enough, I saw nothing outstanding. I expected at least one convincing 3-D rendering, but saw…Continue Reading “Antlantiza”

Alas, I didn’t think to set the app to save the original photo. But look! All variations crested in a few minutes using Prisma, free app on iPad/Android. Here’s one from July in Cuzco, Peru. I thought this was a pretty dramatic shot. But look what Prisma does for it! Is painting over?  

We normally don’t spend a lot of time in art galleries. Yesterday was an exception. The current show features five contemporary ceramic artists, each with a unique “voice,” as the introduction states. The gallery has a skylight, which casts dramatic shadows. The setting, an old building with exposed brick and very old beams, is quite lovely. Not a bad place to spend an hour when you have no choice. And we had no choice. We were waiting for legal papers. Specifically, a power of attorney to sell…Continue Reading “The art gallery”