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Some Atlántida architecture and history

It was a beautiful day Monday for taking pictures.

Atlántida started in 1911 as a summer playground for wealthy Montevideans, and the architecture reflects that.


Along the Rambla La Mansa:

House in Atlántida, Uruguay

House in Atlántida, Uruguay House in Atlántida, Uruguay

There are a number of whimsical houses, including this one that I’ve never seen occupied on the Rambla La Brava:


House in Atlántida, Uruguay

And then there’s Edificio El Planeta.


First, a quick Spanish lesson: el planeta means the planet, and it seems like it should be la planeta. There a few Spanish words that don’t play well with rules.

Built in the 1930s in just one year (did Uruguayans once work fast?), it served as Planeta Palace Hotel until 1954. It looks like a ship preparing to steam out to sea, and was very fancy in its day, with private baths, hot water, and heating (heating? In Uruguay?). After the hotel’s closure, it was divided and sold as  propiedad horizontal (i.e., condos). It was declared a national historical monument in 2005.

El Planeta, Atlántida, Uruguay



Wandering around Carrasco

Hotel/Casino in Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

After a delicious lunch inside this splendid pile of rock yesterday, we wandered around Carrasco.


I know what you’re thinking: Look at those buildings! We must be in South America!

Building in Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

Amazing dwellings seem to be the norm.



And look at this—a fixer-upper! Some paint, a little TLC, and …oh. Actually, I don’t like the look of the vertical steel “I” beam outside the front door. Maybe we’ll pass on this one.

Lunch in Carrasco


Lovely day to have lunch with friends at the refurbished casino in Carrasco, the closest part of Montevideo for us suburbanites. Also a lovely neighborhood, a place I’d find desirable if I had to live in the city. (And wanted to spend a lot more than I do.)

Hotel-casino, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay

After seeing this building empty for several years, it does my heart good to see it alive again.

Delicious meal, and we got the full 22% tax knocked off when I used my US Visa card, and paid  in USD as priced on the menu, so no need to exchange to pesos. Sweet! The little things ….

Hotel-casino, Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay>

Plus we got to see not one, but two, full-sized plastic horses. With lamps sticking out of their heads.

Tell me it gets any better than that.