Instructions: imagine a stainless steel French coffee press on a marble counter, with its handle on your left at an angle toward you. Illumination is a diffuse overhead light on the left. Draw it, including shadows and reflections.   Did your drawing look like this? Didn’t think so.

I’ve documented many times the overwhelming assault vehicles that Germans (and some others) apparently feel essential for navigating the wilds of the Americas. And to be fair, I personally know one who has made thorough use of its off-road provisions, in the Andes and elsewhere. Mostly though, I see them parked in the dunes or supermarket parking lot. And those closeups often reveal fascinating evidence of wide-ranging travel. As in, you know, suggesting maybe the vehicle was actually in those places at one point. Enter…Continue Reading “Wannabe world traveler?”

This will be a little obscure to someone who hasn’t actually suffered through daily life in Acodike’s Uruguay. Gas for cooking (“Supergas”) comes in metal gas bottles sold by many vendors. All have phone numbers, and will bring gas on demand for a slight charge. And of course everyone has a cell phone, so anyone can phone anytime, anywhere, and have replacement gas within a few minutes. However, one company thinks we still live in the 1990s, and has its drivers – apparently on commission,…Continue Reading “100 reasons not to live in Uruguay”

One of those old emails that was just too good to get rid of. (So, yes: out of the trash and onto the blog 😉   On Mar 18, 2018, at 12:03 PM, Notification <> wrote: ATTN: It is about your inheritance payment here in our Credit Agricole Bank of Egypt, somebody call Mr. Allen Roland Jr came to claim your inheritance fund this morning and said that you authorized him to claim the fund and that he is your new Next of Kin. He…Continue Reading “The inheritance confirmation”