Uruguay Manhattan Great meal 30 minute drive to Solís, open weekends only 9 months of the year Greek restaurant a few doors down as good or better than best we know in UY Buy new blazer 30-60 minute drive one way to Montevideo. Unimpressive quality, limited choices, $200+ 7 minute walk to Macy’s. Third floor, nice quality, $225 marked down, then additional sale price, total $137 (but overnight tailoring $40) Ship via Fedex One-hour drive to Montevideo or Punta del Este (the latter ridiculous in the summer because of traffic) Two minute walk…Continue Reading “New York City: convenience”

Some creative citizens spearheaded resistance to destruction of the ‘visual blight’ elevated railway built to eliminate rail traffic from the meatpacking district of lower Manhattan that produced so many accidents as street level that it was called Death Avenue in the early 20th century. By the 1960s it was abandoned, and over the next decades plants grew and soil developed. Now it has become a totally impressive, totally awesome ‘back yard’ for NYC residents, almost a Frederick Law Olmstead (creator of central Park, the ‘lungs’…Continue Reading “New York’s incredibly awesome Highline”