Because we’re in and out of Panamá twice in three days, we stay closer to the airport, leaving the recently-grown stalagmites of Panama City comfortably distant. And 150 pounds of luggage parked at the airport. For the first time in a while, we fly cattle class for this two hour flight – ‘free’ with frequent flier miles and a couple hundred ‘Federal‘ ‘Reserve‘ notes. But check it out – everyone has a personal screen, with a selection of movies (12? 16?) available to start, pause,…Continue Reading “PTY”

Sitting in the Business Class Oasis Lounge at JFK Terminal 4 – great little spread of food and beverages, after dropping our rental car and taking the wonderfully efficient free AirTrain elevated shuttle. Then on to security which was delightfully un-obnoxious. No cancer radiation scanners. One person patted down; the agent explained to her very carefully what she needed to do, and they shared a laugh as it was in progress. Being a little bit of a plane buff, I was awestruck with the sight of this Singapore Airlines Airbus…Continue Reading “JFK”

For the wedding, we stay in the house of a friend of my sister. Lush, monogrammed towels, a couple of large-screen TVs, tennis court and swimming pool. Though no expert, I find no difficulty imagining the property selling for $4-5 million. Open garage full of bikes, tools, kayak. House full of amazing artwork collected from around the world. Security briefing: just walk in, the door is open. Of course we were welcome to do laundry. The laundry room also houses the guts of the heating…Continue Reading “Connecticut: comfort”

Uruguay Manhattan Great meal 30 minute drive to Solís, open weekends only 9 months of the year Greek restaurant a few doors down as good or better than best we know in UY Buy new blazer 30-60 minute drive one way to Montevideo. Unimpressive quality, limited choices, $200+ 7 minute walk to Macy’s. Third floor, nice quality, $225 marked down, then additional sale price, total $137 (but overnight tailoring $40) Ship via Fedex One-hour drive to Montevideo or Punta del Este (the latter ridiculous in the summer because of traffic) Two minute walk…Continue Reading “New York City: convenience”