When the grader came through the other day, I thought that was it for road repair. But no, there’s all that tosca to deal with. This truck backed all the way down our road, then went forward, slowly unloading, pausing here to let a car by. Then the grader returned, and ta, it’s done. I realize this is tremendously boring, but hey it’s my blog, and nobody reads it anyway.

Approaching the beach, a man in his yard giving commands to his dog while his wife rakes, as our motley pack of three dogs appears. “Sit.” “Stay.” “Down.” Didn’t occur to me to ask if he spoke English, but rather if the dog did. He explained that the English commands made more sense. Had more authority. “¿Sientate?” (sit) he asked me, with a shrug and a give-me-a-break look. Looking up from her raking, his wife chimed in, “more short.”

Actually, smells like rain. But the sight of this rig reminds me – despite the un-summer-like weather today – that we will soon be inundated with Argentinians. Summer season starts in a week; continues through March, with another hiccup for Easter. Can’t subject the visitors with money (they hope this year, given Argentina’s current cyclical economic crisis) to the potholed, rutted roads that tear our vehicles apart the rest of the year…. Since most of the Argentinians come from the port of Buenos Aires, they’re…Continue Reading “Here come the Porteños”