After a day of intense rain and flooding, a day of intense wind, driving the waves all the way into the dunes. The waves look benign, but with howling wind and stinging sand seemed less so. Then I stepped into quicksand and sunk one foot to the ankle. I should know by know – on the upwind side of the drainage channels formed by water from the street, windblown sand becomes quicksand. A little disconcerting, especially with no other human being in sight.

Three year old fixed male, blocked urinary track, never came out of anesthesia after the vet put in a catheter. Turns out friends here had a similar experience. Kidney failure. Sweet cat, Mr Peepers. I took this photo this morning. I know you expect me to say that Mr Peepers loved to lie on that chair in the sun, but as far as I know he was never on it.