Shortly before we returned to Uruguay, a powerful storm swept through. Here’s just one of many similar scenes: On the ground in front you see a concrete power pole that supported the intersection of wires now hanging in the air, all knocked about by the large eucalyptus in the background. By all accounts, it was a most exciting time 😉

Since my early days, I’ve embraced the challenge of leaving a country with the least possible amount of the local currency – unless I plan on returning soon. Not the case in the Dominican Republic. I left a tip for the housekeeper, bought us lunch at Quizno’s in the airport, bought a bottle of water for $2 (80 pesos), leaving me with exactly four pesos (USD .10), which I left on the janitor’s wagon in the men’s room. Ciao DR! But one last puzzle… …what the…Continue Reading “SDQ”

Because we’re in and out of Panamá twice in three days, we stay closer to the airport, leaving the recently-grown stalagmites of Panama City comfortably distant. And 150 pounds of luggage parked at the airport. For the first time in a while, we fly cattle class for this two hour flight – ‘free’ with frequent flier miles and a couple hundred ‘Federal‘ ‘Reserve‘ notes. But check it out – everyone has a personal screen, with a selection of movies (12? 16?) available to start, pause,…Continue Reading “PTY”

Sitting in the Business Class Oasis Lounge at JFK Terminal 4 – great little spread of food and beverages, after dropping our rental car and taking the wonderfully efficient free AirTrain elevated shuttle. Then on to security which was delightfully un-obnoxious. No cancer radiation scanners. One person patted down; the agent explained to her very carefully what she needed to do, and they shared a laugh as it was in progress. Being a little bit of a plane buff, I was awestruck with the sight of this Singapore Airlines Airbus…Continue Reading “JFK”