I stopped by the butcher to get menudos (giblets) and corazón (beef heart) for the dogs. To my surprise, prices had jumped significantly from the last time I looked at a receipt a couple weeks ago: That’s a 25% and 10% increase respectively. Same thing at Tienda Inglesa: Mushrooms have gone up 22% in the last two weeks. In our little local store, the price of eggs has gone up 8% in the last two weeks. This is not a case of higher prices for…Continue Reading “Currency value decline a.k.a. inflation”

When you see chairs lined up either side of the road, it means tonight is the Carnaval parade in Atlántida. But they’re not there just as a nice gesture. If you want to sit, you have to pay. I went out to see part of the parade one year, and haven’t felt compelled to do so again. You can find more in the Wikipedia article on Uruguayan Carnival (which apparently doesn’t meet Wikipedia’s high editorial standards, oh my!) and find videos of our local desfile…Continue Reading “It’s that day”

Don’t know how I got on the mailing list of these asshats, but at least they have a sense of humor! “Journalists who stop at nothing to uncover the facts.” [Insert comment about Tooth Fairy here].

“So, the heaviest tourist season is over. What now?” “Well you know that heavily-used pedestrian crossing by the Playa Mansa?” “Of course. Leading to the most crowded beach, saw a lot of pedestrian traffic. Typical January. What about it?” “It’s kinda faded.” “You’re right. Now that the bulk of the tourists are gone, this might be a good time to repaint it. You know, so cars can see it better. Safety thing.” “My thinking exactly.”