Local (Uruguay) campers. Looks like they’ve got it all sorted – solar panels, side awning, sun protection for the truck. There was a couple sitting with a little portable table between the two vehicles. But: covering the tires to protect them from the sun? I guess maybe a good idea, but I’ve never, ever seen that before!

Our first Uruguayan passports, good for five years, were expiring. Arranging to renew them turned out to be relatively easy; done and paid online. When we got to the passport office, though, we lacked our credenciales civicas, which after a trip to the Corte Electoral, turned out to be big pieces of paper we got with our citizenship. So, the next day we returned with those. No, they were supposed to be renewed after three years. Though an Uruguayan friend told me the credencia civica is nothing…Continue Reading “Christmas Eve”

I called Burkhard to see if there was anything new with the Model T. Not really, he said, I’ve painted the chassis. Well, I said, since I have to go to our chacra anyway to pick up my mechanical sheep (he has real sheep; I require a four-stroke engine mounted on wheels with a blade spinning really fast to keep grass trimmed), that might be interesting to see. As I pulled in, I didn’t actually notice this at first: another Model A chassis. But as…Continue Reading “Just another Burkhard visit”

Today’s Saturday, and the weather’s much like in this photo, but this is from a few days ago, a pre-season weekday. Today this parking lot would have been full of cars. Notice the sand ladders and crane for lowering and raising the monstrous spare tire. And massive fuel tank. And bunker-like windows. Just kinda automatically makes you feel light-footed and adventurous, nein? Compare this with the last German camper van I posted: OK, the Unimog is an amazing vehicle, but – is it just me?…Continue Reading “A minimalist German camper van”