Best. Mirrors. Ever.


Taxi, airport: La Paz, Bolivia.

Hopefully I will have freetime and decent internet next short while to catch up on other notable observations.




300 vertical meters above Cusco, Perú, a stone wall. A big stone wall. One of many.
Sachsayhuaman, Perú

How big? Those are full grown human beings.image

Who built it? No idea.
Sachsayhuaman, Perú

How did they build it? No idea.Sachsayhuaman, Perú

When did they build it? Apparently before the cataclysm. Here is the top of a nearby structure, hundred-ton monolith, that ended upside down. Takes a pretty big earthquake to do that! This caraclysmic event perhaps occurred around 12,000 years ago.
Sachsayhuaman, Perú

One more thing: in the year 2016, our “advanced” society is completely incapable of doing this type of stonework, or anything like it.

Having a great time —

Mummy, Ica, Perú
Ica Museum, Peru

— wish you were here!

Travel today, from incredible seafood in Lima to high in the mountains in Cusco, and, among other delicacies, guinea pig. Stay tuned 😉

Ah, the mysterious Ika stones

Much as it surprises me, Wikipedia has it pretty much right concerning the Ika stones. But who needs facts when you have belief? Just for fun, scan this article for its amusing faith-based struggle with coherent thought.

Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, creator of Ika stonesNow, meet Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, age 78, here demonstrating how she has been making the Ika stones for the last 61 years.

Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, creator of Ika stones

Here’s the stone she just spent a few minutes on, apparently a dinosaur, scratching with a piece of hacksaw blade.

Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana, creator of Ika stones

Here’s what the finished product might look like. Stones might portray humans riding dinosaurs, or complicated medical procedures (inspired by medical journals provided by Dr. Javier Cabrera, who originally promoted these “ancient wonders.” Or they might have telescopes or microscopes, “proving” that they were in use millions of years ago. Oh, yeah, the dark parts are done with shoe polish.

Not convinced? Ya gotta believe!

Irma estimates that she used to do up to twenty stones per day. 61 years. You do the math.

Disclosure: historical anomalies do exist, and I find them fascinating. Ancient superior (and lost) technology existed, as I’ll demonstrate in the next few days. But the Ika stones ain’t part of that!