This is a pair of fake Crocs my wife bought at Géant for a few bucks. They turned out to be just a half size too small for comfort. And she prefers open-toed shoes for summer. All it took was a few minutes with a razor blade and voilà! Do they sell razor blades in Uruguay? I have no idea. I almost didn’t bring these from the United States. I’ll explain. When we flew to New York in 2012 for my niece’s wedding in Connecticut,…Continue Reading “Fake Croc Mods”

Roughly a year and a half ago, we left Uruguay, where we’d lived at sea level, for a tour a megalithic structures in Peru and Bolivia. The tour organizer, for all his wonderful contacts and insights, does not ‘get it‘ when it comes to running a tour. I could describe several instances of his thoughtlessness, but the one that impacted us the most was insisting that we’d have no problem with the altitude. Because he doesn’t. Because he lives in Cusco, elevation 12,500 feet (3,810…Continue Reading “¡Un milagro!”

Start: Connecticut, USA End: Republic to the east of the Uruguay River (República Oriental del Uruguay) My lovely and enthusiastic niece delivered to me to the Norwalk, Connecticut, station of Metro-North, so I could catch a train to New York. Despite having lived 20+ years nearby, I walked under the tracks heading to New York, past the “ticket machines on platform” signs, and asked several people — all of whom seemed like they should know — how to buy a ticket. They were clueless. And…Continue Reading “The long(ish) trip home”

My sister and brother-in-law sold their house in Madison, Connecticut, and moved into a lovely and practical townhouse, which they extensively remodeled. They couldn’t bear to change the inside of the downstairs bathroom door, but they did admit it was getting a little old for them. I agreed it looked somewhat dated, but I also suggested it could be modified slightly to make it seem fresher and more modern. So I sent them my idea. I’m still waiting to hear back.    

I met my 4 month-old grand niece this week in Connecticut! Though I can profess no knowledge of babies, nor child raising under age 11 for that matter, Mckenzie is a great baby. As I traveled to meet her, though, I thought it weird that I could not remember ever having held a baby. Had I ever? My niece Amanda answered authoritatively… … with a photo of me holding her 32 years ago (I’m holding that picture in the first photo).