This is a pair of fake Crocs my wife bought at Géant for a few bucks. They turned out to be just a half size too small for comfort. And she prefers open-toed shoes for summer. All it took was a few minutes with a razor blade and voilà! Do they sell razor blades in Uruguay? I have no idea. I almost didn’t bring these from the United States. I’ll explain. When we flew to New York in 2012 for my niece’s wedding in Connecticut,…Continue Reading “Fake Croc Mods”

I explained asado some time ago, the painfully slow way (from a northern point of view) of cooking meat over glowing coals. Fine when you have a group and plenty of time. When the objective is to cook something outside in hot weather, a gas barbecue grill is not perfect, but tremendously more efficient. But the prices here are double you’d expect to pay in North America, and quality poorer, so it’s hard to justify buying one new. You might recall we bought a used…Continue Reading “From asado to barbecue to…”

I got two coins in my change last Thursday at the feria. They are the same diameter, though one is slightly thinner. Here the thinner one is on the left. It’s quite plain, not at all distinctive, and just looks cheap compared to the one on the right. When you flip them over, the distinctive one clearly states its value. The other you really have to take into bright light (as I did for the picture) in order to read. Yes, that wretched coppery coin is…Continue Reading “The coin nobody wants”

I have nothing against spiders. They eat lots of critters, and that’s a good thing. What’s less good is when they decide to hang out at the tall peak of our bedroom ceiling, and we end up with insect inedibles drifting toward the floor (fortunately not directly above where we sleep). I finally decided I had struggled with our foldable ladder (which gives us access to above-stairs storage) one too many times. So off to the workshop, and after a few fits and starts, this:…Continue Reading “Those ceiling spiders”

Aren’t these things supposed to last eight years? Well, we have been here a little more than eight years, and this bulb is kaput. To be fair, it was in my wife’s office, and heavily used. It’s also definitely more than a year or two old, whenever it was I started writing the date and source on the bulb in indelible marker as soon as I got it home. You may recall the wretched bulbs Tienda Inglesa introduced after its American takeover.