Easter lunch


The mellis (mellizos, fraternal twins)

Rodrigo and Mauro came to visit today. I’ve mentioned Mauro’s departure for New Zealand, and Rodrigo’s return, and hanging out at our place. We went to a restaurant near the beach that used to be a night club, now a restaurant with such interesting things as a “breakfast pizza.” Yes, that’s literally what it’s called, based on an American breakfast, even though that’s practically impossible to find in Uruguay.

breakfast pizza in Uruguay

Doesn’t show real well, bit it’s got bacon and an egg.

Mauro’s off to Buenos Aires in a week to join his Argentinian girlfriend he met in New Zealand and two Paraguayans they met at the restaurant they worked in this summer in Punta del Este, and will be taking off for northern Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and ending in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where they will work in a restaurant through another contact they made this summer.

Rodrigo is working locally, finishing his studies, and taking a course to become an airline steward.

Become an…? Methinks the travel bug has bit.

Oh, and almost forgot: after lunch we went to Baipa and brought back treats to have with tea. I didn’t last a year this time between visits, but since the previous interval was 22 months I’m doing OK overall 😉

Chimney Sweep

Guy shows up at the door. He was here a year ago, but we had just replaced our wood stove and stove pipes. Clean it? Why not. Gives me a price of $2800 (bit over USD 125) to do it three times this season. Turns out it’s pretty clean right now; he ended up treating rust (with stuff I happen to have) and sent me to the ferretería (hardware store) to get stuff he mixes with Portland cement and patches cracks and gaps on the bricks inside the stove.

By the time he finishes, he’s invited me (well, just about) to go dorado fishing in the western part of the country, made a mutual connection through the owner of the butcher shop in Estación Atlántida, en route to our chacra (country place a few km out of town), and told me exactly where he lives (three doors from it) in case I should need him. And I already knew he cleans the chimneys of our neighbors.

They always say in Uruguay—well, everywhere in Latin America for that matter—that you shouldn’t pay in full until the work is complete. I gave him $2800. He’ll be back.


Hangin’ out

guy playing guitar
Mauro, back from over a year in New Zealand, surprised us with some intricate Beatles’ songs on the guitar Santi loaned me. Actually his sister’s, but hey.

guy with dog on floor
His fraternal twin (mellizo) Rodrigo, lounging in front of the wood stove, got something interesting going on with Gita (full name: Doguita), the poorly drawn dog.

guys on couch
Then Santi apparently morphed into the equivalent of human catnip, and had the crazed cat Oscar going wild.

Mauro and Rodrigo had their horoscopes read earlier, our birthday gift to them, by our friend Hazel, who turns out to be an exceptional astrologer.

Then we talked about psychic protection, lucid dreaming, clairvoyance…such a treat to be around young, curious minds.