I left my kitchen scale out after making bread recently, unwashed, and some else decided to wash it – not just the detachable measuring cup, but the whole thing. Electronics and warm, soapy water don’t go together well. After a few days, it began to work again, but then simply died for good. So my challenge was to take it apart without breaking any parts, because that’s what I do rather than simply chuck things. I’m curious about how things work, and how they’re put…Continue Reading “The kitchen scale”

We were recently the recipients of a couple of bottles of excellent Swiss white wine (thanks Syd and Gundy!), a Humagne Blanche (fascinating: according to Wikipedia, “the total Swiss plantations of the variety in 2009 stood at 30 hectares (74 acres).” And a bottle of Aigle les Murailles. Both excellent, and mostly unknown outside of Switzerland. These bottles had corks. I generally do not rue the transition to screw tops for wine, though I admit I don’t completely understand the ecological implications. So, translate to Uruguay (and notice…Continue Reading “Opening the wine”

Shortly after we moved here, the cleaning lady walked by as I was having a couple of fried eggs or breakfast. “Oh, you Americans and your eggs!” she commented. Which is kind of strange if you’ve spent any time in Uruguay. Here’s the famous chivito: And here’s an Uruguayan hamburger (the white stuff isn’t mayonnaise): So it’s fair to say Uruguayans don’t have a problem with fried eggs. But an obsession? Potato chips with fried egg flavor? I think I’ll pass. Picture credits: fried eggs, …Continue Reading “Fried eggs”

We don’t do anything special for Christmas (except attend our neighbors’ lovely afternoon food fest). I mentioned to my wife that she normally hangs red ornaments on our ficus tree, at least. She reminded me we have a fast-growing puppy who probably find them great fun to attack. Good point. We’re also not Jewish. But in the country we came from, bagels are ubiquitous, and in Uruguay they’re nonexistent. Well, except for one place in Montevideo owned by an American. There’s a place called Donut Shop…Continue Reading “Christmas bagels”

We just bought some fresh mushrooms at Tienda Inglesa. The good news is that, since we moved here, they are usually available. Bad news is that they’re kind of ridiculously expensive — USD $7.50/pound. But they sell side by side with another imported brand that sell for almost 70% more. Have to wonder why anyone would pay that, but hey. So here’s what we bought: 200 grams! 50 grams free! So we paid for only 150 grams? Well, no — from the Tienda Inglesa web…Continue Reading “Patético (“marketing”)”