Unusual fuss last night; dogs wouldn’t come in. Bandito the Shih Tzu was burrowing impossibly into the aloe vera, backed by chain link fence, until I had to swat at him with a flashlight to flush him. He went inside, I went inside. Then Susan announced that Mocha was inside, she not seeing, as I did, something a foot long hanging from his mouth. My first thought was a rat, but he jumped on the couch and deposited a young comedreja (possum). “Dead,” I said,…Continue Reading “Not playing”

A year ago, Mocha was a tiny little thing. As time went on, he decided the little closet niche next to my office chair was a nice hangout. But then he outgrew it. Except that, today, months later, he demonstrated that he hadn’t: Maybe it’s because Syd had earlier sent me a video of animal escape artists and he wanted to prove something? Who knows? Dogs can be wonderfully weird.

I’m not sure what left this trail, but I get a kick out of the little loop-de-loop lower left. Maybe the whatever-little-critter version of turning around as you head out the front door because you forgot the car key, only to realize it’s in your hand.

Ever since The Matrix was released in 1999, more and more attention has been given to the thought that maybe we live in a simulation. Search for simulation hypothesis and you’ll potentially be busy for a while. Then there’s the idea of the reincarnation trap, the idea that we are fooled into reincarnating by the Archons so they can harvest fear energy, and we remain trapped in devastations and wars of this simulation again and again. Essentially, the advice of going toward the light is…Continue Reading “The dream and the moth”